Writing Schools.

Aside from Mee Ok’s services tailored to individuals and groups by way of teaching, mentoring, workshopping, editing, and assisting in navigating the world of publishing, here are some other recommendations for your writing journey.

GrubStreet is a Boston-based writing school that offers affordable in-person and online classes as well as immersive programs that require less time and cost less than traditional MFAs. They also host an annual writer’s conference in Boston (and virtually) called Muse and Marketplace where writers can attend seminars, gain access to panels and speakers, and also arrange one-on-one meetings with agents and editors. GrubStreet offers scholarships and fellowships for those coming from historically marginalized backgrounds.

Hugo House has similar offerings with more classes on a different time zone that might be more convenient for some students. They also offer scholarships.

Boston Writers of Color (BWOC) is a non-localized writing community based in Boston that offers racially diverse writers opportunities that combats the uneven playing field. They offer scholarships, grants, fellowships, events, writing sessions, and regular updates on opportunities for POC all over the world. They are most active on their Facebook page.

Your local adult education center might also have writing courses that allow you to explore different genres or go deep into one. They are typically extremely pocketbook-friendly and might offer subsidies.

“One of the reasons I write is I like being surprised.”
― Anne Enright


Finding an agent is serious business. It’s a potentially lifelong relationship with the aim of birthing books so that they may find themselves in the hands of avid readers. The process can be grueling and discouraging and the fit needs to be as right as a marriage. To begin your search, the Directory of Literary Agents is a great resource and advice. Every writer has their own personalized needs, especially marginalized writers or those telling stories from a perspective not often seen in the mainstream.

To learn more about factors you may want to consider in strategizing in your search, deciding on an agent, and resources to navigate the negotiating and contract process, contact Mee Ok for a free 20-minute consultation.


When submitting for publication, there are many factors that go into deciding where and how. There is also a need to be extremely organized in your submission process not only for yourself but out of courtesy for the literary magazines you submit to. Some glossies require an agent to submit, but most don’t. While there is no “ultimate” ranking of these publications, there are several lists that offer a guide based on varying criteria.

Clifford Garstang offers annual lists of the 100 top literary magazines in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry with a methodology based on the Pushcart Prize, an annual award for works published by literary magazines or small presses during the current year. Editors of these publications may nominate up to six poems, short stories, novel chapters, or essays published, or scheduled to be published, every year.

John Fox ranks 100 literary publications according the how they perform in the “Best American” series. He also offers them in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

Erika Krouse ranks 500 literary magazines for short fiction, according to score, circulation, money, and coolness factor. While she is currently compiling a similar list for nonfiction, many translate nicely across genres, with a few exceptions.

To keep track of your publications, I suggest creating an excel spreadsheet, even though platforms like Duotrope and Submittable have trackers for a fee. I assist clients in creating strategies to begin their publishing journeys from deciding on the right publications for their work, finding funding for submissions, and providing a template to keep track of work, so that no deadlines are missed as well as other vital considerations.

If you are already published and entering the industry, I can assist you the process of finding affordable contract attorneys and media liability insurance to support you in your agenting and publishing journey.