The gift of having once been so decimated by an illness was that, in order to save my life, I had to enter into the sacred realms of the unseen world, where I fell in love with the Mystery. Once I rose from ashes, I realized that this process of curing myself was an existential training so that I may help others. With over ten years of experience with sacred medicines under the guidance of indigenous healers in Peru and Nepal as well as cutting-edge Western practitioners ranging from Dr. Gabor Maté to Harvard specialists overseeing the latest psychedelic trials, I have cultivated a synthesis of ancient and modern teachings. Through my background in philosophy and the arts, coupled with personal experience of having immaculate space held by masters, I bring a unique blend of insight, wisdom traditions, and access to esoteric resources both human and beyond.

“Love is the most transformative medicine, for love slowly transforms you into what psychedelics only get you to glimpse.”


— Ram Dass

My offerings include:

  • Consultation ranging from processing ceremonies, practices to go deeper with psychedelics, healing from harmful experiences around medicine work, avoiding unsafe practitioners and centers, finding resources of support and connection, and helping clients decide whether or not sacred medicine is an option for them
  • Education around lifestyle changes for overall health, various healing modalities, and important things to know about the current climate surrounding psychedelics
  • Preparation for sacred medicine work to get the most out of your ceremonies and sessions and stay grounded throughout the process, such as setting an intention, knowing what you might expect, and feeling content with the unpredictable
  • Integration of shamanic and clinical journeys to help you take small, realistic, and safe steps that lead to meaningful and lasting transformation
  • Sharing aspects of my own journey and information that is not, and may never be, available to the public for various reasons including personal, legal, and privileged