Are you someone who feels uncomfortable talking about themselves, but often hears they have an important and inspiring story to tell? Do you feel passionate about a topic, but don’t know where to start and finds the idea of writing a book overwhelming?

Whether you have written all your life or are just embarking on your writing journey, I take joy in helping others not only hone their craft to tell their story in the most compelling way possible, while also holding space for the emotions that inevitably arise when confronting the past.

It is your birthright to tell your story.

My approach to writing sees this art as a powerful modality for healing. With eclectic tastes and outré interests mixed with a nearly unrivaled enthusiasm for living language and the written word, I strive to inspire writers from all backgrounds to stay true to their artistic journey and authentic voice. A naturally disciplined writer with a passion for storytelling, I thrive on supporting others courageous enough to bring their experiences and ideas to the page — then the world. My approach is holistic, involving things that fall outside the traditional writing world, enabling me to provide support ranging from generating fresh work to fine-tuning polished drafts to querying agents and getting published, while also helping writers process their experiences and integrate them on the page and in their lives so that they can remain focused and on track.

“Make your life a work of art.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Transforming memory onto the page is a great act of service to others.

Writing a book has all the elements of the birth cycle: conception, gestation, check-ups, research, breathing, nausea, and delivery. The process is the same and yet the experience is different for everyone, for every book. From the initial stages to the end game, I will support you throughout the life of your project.

My book doula services include:

  • Helping to define the scope of your book
  • Penning a working introduction and developing an outline
  • Maintaining enthusiasm and stamina through countless revisions
  • Working through writer’s block
  • Staying focused and composed during the “murky middle”
  • Polishing the final draft
  • Educating on self-publishing vs traditional publishing vs the middle ground
  • Querying agents
  • Navigating negotiations with publishers
  • Readying your marketing and publicity
  • Weighing film/TV options