Each coaching engagement brings in the powerful medicine of compassion, a wise and comforting presence that provides safety to explore the difficult emotions and painful truths that give way to liberating epiphanies and hard won joy. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, holding compassionate space is the key to growth and change.

My approach to facing challenges is holistic, grounded in attaining a healthy alignment with “all our relations” — our selves, our past, our fellow humans, nature (plants, animals, fungi), and the cosmos. This can involve freeing our voice and coming into our authenticity, engaging in an inner journey to awakening our spirit, working with archetypes and transforming out personal mythology, as well as looking at our patterns around intimacy, relational constellations, our inner child, and ways of communicating.

“We always do the best we can by the light we have to see by.”
― Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way


You are the star player of your life. Athletes know that playing with injuries comes with the territory, and none of us are without our battle scars and Achilles’ heels. But the best players accomplish amazing feats in spite of their challenges, while not pushing themselves too hard and causing self-harm, with balance, presence, and focus. As your coach, I aim to help you maximize your abilities and work with your unique history to play your best game. We are social beings who survive and thrive through connection. Together we’ll collaborate to create a fulfilling space for turning passions and ideas into action in your life, career, relationships, writing, spirituality, and/or medicine work.

Sessions address practical challenges such as:

  • Organizing projects
  • Earning more income
  • Changing careers
  • Creating a work-life balance
  • Achieving health/wellness goals

We can also explore inner work like:

  • Breaking habits/patterns
  • Uncovering your creativity and joy
  • Developing a spiritual practice
  • Addressing limiting beliefs
  • Finding your authenticity/agency

Health is crucial to function. But how to best direct that energy for the individual requires other tools geared specifically to performance, clarity, and success. My practice combines these two worlds by supporting the overall well-being of each client, while remaining focused on practical, specific goals that keep the energy moving.

To support others in this capacity, part of my work is inspired by Dr. Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapeutic approach that helps us recognize the unconscious dynamics that run our lives — so that we may liberate ourselves from them. Mark Twain once said, “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Compassionate Inquiry can help us to discern between old stories and what is, in fact, true, so that we can rewrite our futures and make them ours.

I have practiced a variation of Compassionate Inquiry in my own life for nearly a decade now, well before it had a name. My ability to incorporate this and other powerful tools has created a uniquely compassionate space, helping star players grant themselves the permission to embody the vulnerability that leads to true transformation.

“We can never reap the full rewards of life unless we are willing to risk everything, including our comfort zone.” – Gabor Maté

Collective Coaching

Collective coaching allows us to become compassionate witnesses for others as well as ourselves. There is something uniquely powerful about working in groups in a safely held container where connections can be made beyond the subjective experience of our individual work. Moreover, it provides a more affordable option to coaching while also offering an opportunity to be a part of shared community, forge relationships, and form accountability partnerships.

Workshops I offer include:

  • Sacred Medicine Integration
  • Life Self-Discovery
  • Career Self-Discovery
  • Exploring the Path Not Taken
  • Uncovering Your Gifts
  • Finding Your Life Purpose
  • Creating Your Personal Mission & Vision Statement
  • Bringing Spirituality into Your Daily Life

“The most difficult challenges in relationships arise from our youngest unhealed selves coming up against the youngest unhealed self of our partners.”


Discerning how fellow travelers fit into each other’s life paths can be daunting. Insecurity, fear, and anger arises where the needs our youngest wounded selves conflict with the needs of our partner’s youngest wounded selves in the dance between merging and boundaries. I provide both individual and couple’s sessions for those looking to explore the Three C’s — commitment, compatibility, and compromise.

My approach is to help partners find clarity around their core values and needs so that they can see how their companions offer a mirror for them, allowing them to acknowledge the self-work that remains. Our partners are some of our highest teachers, and their lessons are many. Addressing the the brokenness of the heart allows us to live in it and see with it — without ego or shadow. Once we have clarity it is possible to identify how, or if, we are in right relation with our partners, and to create a plan and agreement to move forward.